Saturday, 9 October 2010

Hello to the Chilean miners and farewell to Butch

The fish is delighted to learn that the Chilean miners, after 65 days underground, have at last been reached.  If there is a lesson to those of us never likely to be such an extreme situtation it is - always have a plan B.  It was the plan B that finally reached them when both plans A and C had gone off course and failed to reach the men living 2,300feet underground. We hope the rescue plan progressess well and that soon these guys see daylight and more importantly the faces of their loved ones.

On a lighter note we say farewell to Butch, one of the Tamworth Two.  In 1998 they made a bid for freedom and became heros to the nation, (England has some odd notions of whom it considers it's heros and those whom it merely catapaults into the spotlight) (Ah, an explaination of Simon Cowell's sucess at last?)  Two Tamworth pigs heading for the slaughter house made a dash for freedom and spent a week on the run. They were named Butch and Sundance The reward for this porcine audacity was to spend the rest of their lives in a rare breeds centre after they were purchased by the Daily Male newpaper- never to be bacon.   The sibling pigs have lived cheek by jowell, or snout by trotter perhaps, ever since and now Butch, the sow, has gone to piggy heaven via mother nature rather than the more brutal fate once resevered for her.   Her brother, now elderly and artiritic, lives on alone.  The fish sends condolences!

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