Friday, 1 October 2010

Bin Laden the voice of reason? Surely not

The latest tape from Bin Laden - or maybe not because he's not a one for verifiable public appearances - makes what would seem a reasonable appeal for governments to spend their money on their citizens not their armies, for a relief agency to help those in areas liable to floods, like those that have caused such devastation recently in Pakistan.  But this apparent altruism is restricted to Muslim peoples and countries.  No suggestion of the need for humanity per se to be protected.  But in this is not Bin Laden sounding like every other world leader, concerned about his own before all the rest?  When we can agree that humanitarian aid is needed for the human race, and there is the need to eradicate poverty and want even in the most developed countries, then maybe young men will no longer die in useless wars and the need to reform the welfare system, a big hobby horse for our current government in England, will be a redundant issue.

One for the Not Suitable For Those of a Nervous Disposition file.  The fish was startled to learn, via  USA Today, that the fossils of five feet tall penguins have been  uncovered and these monsters roamed Peru about  36 million years ago.   What next will they discover, the fish wonders?  Mice the size of Yorkshire  terriers? Bats with a six foot wingspan?  The mind truly boggles.

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